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Are biting flies biological vectors of Salmonella?


The stated objectives of this project were to:
<ol><li>Assess development of immature horn flies in cattle manure contaminated with two
varying doses of Salmonella Montevideo.</li>
<li>Evaluate persistence of Salmonella Montevideo over time in adult horn flies after
consuming a spiked bloodmeal.</li>
<li>Evaluate prevalence of viable Salmonella Montevideo over time in excreta of horn flies
that consumed a spiked bloodmeal.</li>
<li>Should horn flies excrete viable Salmonella in their feces, assess whether the amount
shed on cattle hides is sufficient to contaminate a feeding lesion and produce infected
peripheral lymph nodes.</li></ol>

Lohmeyer, Kimberly H; Olafson, Pia Untalan
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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