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ARPAARI - Assesment of Research Potential of Aegean Agricultural Research Institute


Increased sustainability is an important point to be taken into account while planning the agricultural research and then the capacity need to be evaluated and improved. Aegean Agricultural Research Institute (AARI) of General Directorate of Agricultural Research is one of the important research institutes for Central, South West Asia and North Africa region as partner on plant diversity conservation and sustainable utilization with over sixty thousand samples at its National Gene Bank.

AARI is the coordinating centre for plant genetic resources and diversity program and member of European Cooperative Program for Plant Genetic Resources, European Plant Genetic Resources Search Catalogue and Steering Committee of European Gene bank Integration System. Its mandate is conservation of plant diversity in Turkey, improvement of high-yielding, high quality, and disease resistant cultivars; cattle and beekeeping studies; production of breeder seed of registered cultivars, dissemination and integration of research findings in agriculture. AARI would like to better serve for regional, national and international bases and to have physical and structural sustainability. However, there are some constraints that limit optimal research output that would be benefit for not only for Turkey but also for European Countries and adjusted region.

The objectives of this proposal are to evaluate the research quality, capability, and describe the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats of the research potential of AARI by SWOT analysis to improve the research capacity of AARI for better meet with ERA, integrate to the framework programmes with cooperative RTD proposals as one of the well organized partner centers on agricultural research programs for food quality and safety, and environments. On the basis of this evaluation, an Action Plan will be prepared to upgrade and reinforce their research capacity of AARI for sustainable integration to ERA.

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Funded under 7th FWP (Seventh Framework Programme)

Sari, Ali Osman
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Turkey
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