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Avian Biosciences Center - Delaware 2009


The University of Delaware Avian Biosciences Center (ABC) is a developing center of excellence for research, education, and outreach programs providing science-based solutions to contemporary problems in the avian biosciences. With expertise in the fields of poultry health, avian genomics, environmental compatibility, and food safety, the ABC will serve as an unbiased source of information to the public, private industry and to advisory and regulatory agencies.


The objectives of the ABC are to: <OL> <LI> Enhance avian and poultry health programs through disease surveillance, diagnosis and control. <LI> Utilize avian genomics in the diagnosis and control of avian and poultry diseases and to the improvement of poultry production. <LI> Develop and demonstrate innovative approaches to ensure the environmental compatibility of poultry production practices. <LI> Expand efforts to ensure poultry food safety and food quality. <LI> Train and educate students in the scientific areas represented in the center.

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NON-TECHNICAL SUMMARY: Commercial poultry in Delaware, Delmarva, the nation and other countries are facing numerous challenges. These include challenges to poultry health and associated human (zoonotic) diseases, the environmental compatibility of the industry with residential (non-farm) communities, poultry product food safety and quality, and improving poultry through avian genomics. The purpose of the Avian Biosciences Center (ABC) at the University of Delaware is to develop approaches to meet the challenges facing commercial poultry production. This will be accomplished by partnering with the industry, appropriate state and federal agencies, other organizations, centers, and universities in research, teaching and outreach efforts. The ABC will also serve as an unbiased source of information to the public, private industry and to advisory and regulatory agencies.


APPROACH: <OL> <LI> Sponsor and co-sponsor graduate student research fellowships in the identified scientific areas to enhance recruitment and collaboration of high quality students capable of conducting innovative, multi-disciplinary research. <LI>Establish undergraduate scholarships and training programs <LI>Partner with appropriate organizations to extend the effectiveness of ABC programs through education, outreach, and community involvement. <LI>Provide seed moneys to support novel research initiatives. <LI> Sponsor invited lectures and workshops by outstanding leaders in the field. <LI> Support travel to meetings by ABC member faculty, research professionals, and students.

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