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Beneficial and Adverse Effects of Natural, Bioactive Dietary Chemicals on Human Health and Food Safety (From W1122)


Consumption of food-borne bioactive compounds can protect against human diseases such as cancer, inflammation, birth defects, and microbial infection. We will determine the mechanisms by which selected compounds exert their protective action.

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NON-TECHNICAL SUMMARY: The results showed that oats can be exploited for developing symbiotic functional foods to deliver both prebiotics and probiotics. This new product will provide another healthy food choice for health conscious consumers. Consumption of this functional foods may reduce the risk of heart attack and other health problems.
APPROACH: Prebiotics and probiotics can be used as bioactive components for developing functional foods due to their health promoting functions. The new Oat-based symbiotic yogurt will deliver both pre- and probiotics. It is high in soluble fiber (prebiotic) and containing no cholesterol. Probiotics can survive for more than 8 weeks. This product can be consumed as a substitute for conventional yogurt for those who can't eat dairy foods.

Guo, Mingruo
University of Vermont
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