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Bioavailability and Digestibility of Food Components


<ol> <li>Investigate factors affecting bioavailability and digestibility of proteins, polysaccharides, calcium, magnesium and phytochemicals from foods.
<li>Develop and validate in vitro methods for assessing bioavailability and digestibility of resistant starch, fibers, calcium, magnesium and phytochemicals from foods.
<li>Investigate the impact of food processing and preparation on bioavailability of proteins, polysaccharides, calcium, magnesium and phytochemicals from foods.</ol>

More information

Foods to be studied include commercially available plant products selected to provide a range of composition in terms of protein, polysaccharide, mineral and phytochemicals. Each product will be studied in a variety of processed forms. In vitro digestibility will be measured using standard techniques or techniques developed in these laboratories. Results of in vitro analyses will be compared to those of in vivo assays conducted using rats. Results of studies conducted through this project and others will be used to begin development of bioavailability algorithms for the nutrients being studied.

Kunkel, Beth
Clemson University
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