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Biologically-Based Integrated Management of Bacterial Leaf Diseases of Leafy Brassica Greens


<OL> <LI> Determine if fertility influences the occurrence and severity of outbreaks of bacterial leaf spot diseases on leafy Brassica greens. <LI>Characterize the reaction to bacterial leaf diseases of partially resistant plant introductions and commonly grown cultivars of leafy Brassica greens treated or not treated with Actiguard. <LI>Determine if seed disinfestation has an effect on occurrence and severity of outbreaks of bacterial leaf diseases on turnip and mustard greens. <LI>Define the most effective and economical combination of control measures for management of bacterial leaf diseases on leafy Brassica greens.

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APPROACH: On-farm field trials examining different components of an integrated pest management system to control bacterial leaf spot on leafy Brassica greens will be conducted in Lexington County, South Carolina on farms that have local sources of inoculum of the causal agents. Laboratory and greenhouse research will be conducted to artificially infest seed of leafy Brassica greens with leaf spotting bacteria and then to test methods for their effectiveness to disinfest the infected seed lots.

Wechter, William
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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