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BIOPRODUCTS 4 FOOD - Disseminating the Results of EC Funded Research into Food Quality and Safety to Facilitate their Transfer and Exploitation into New Products and Processes to Improve European Health and Well-Being


BioProducts 4 Food will promote and facilitate the exploitation of European advances in plant and microbial biotechnology into products, processes and practices to improve food quality and safety and thus improve European health and well-being. It provides a proven, unique and specialised forum for the interaction of researchers with those businesses involved through the commercial and production chains.

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European biotechnology small and medium-sized enterprises are a major target and their contributions are crucial to this project. BioProducts 4 Food will: <UL> <LI> Hold three annual 3-day biotechnology transfer partnering meetings to bring together and connect European and International plant and microbial biotechnology scientists, SMEs, industrialists, incubators, financiers, patent agents and others involved, from fork to farm, in the development and commercialisation of food products, processes and practices to improve health. Past and present Framework Programme participants will be invited to present, either as part of the conference or poster board sessions, appropriate research findings from their EC-funded research projects; <LI> Run, over a 3-year period, an interactive web-site to support, involve and network the European plant and microbial biotechnology comm unity, from researcher to international corporate business executive, focusing on SMEs. It will build on the existing web-site, and will be developed to allow past and present Framework Programme participants to post appropriate research findings from their EC-funded research projects onto the site.</UL> BioProducts 4 Food will therefore stimulate exploitation of EC-funded Framework Programme project results by creating a focal point for their dissemination to an audience of entrepreneurial business executives from EU Member States, candidate countries, developing countries and elsewhere, and by facilitating the initiation of contacts between those executives and EC FP reseachers.

<P>For more information about this project, please visit the <a href="…; target="_blank">European Commission Food Quality and Safety in Europe</a> or the <a href="; target="_blank">BIOPRODUCTS 4 FOOD </a> Web sites.

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Rothamstead Research
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