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Breeding And Genomic Selection For Fusarium Head Blight Resistance In Spring Wheat


<p>Project 1: Breeding Fusarium Head Blight Resistant Spring Wheat: (1) Develop Fusarium head blight resistant wheat germplasm and varieties adapted for commercial production in Minnesota and the surrounding region; (2) Characterize the level of FHB resistance of all wheat varieties grown in the region; (3) Use FHB markers to characterize potential parental lines and utilize MAS to increase frequency of FHB QTLs in advanced lines; and (4) Produce doubled haploids to speed development of FHB resistant varieties.
Project 2: Genomic Selection for Fusarium Head Blight Resistance in Spring Wheat: (1) identify susceptible F5 lines; and (2) predict FHB reaction of NDSU and SDSU germplasm using similar numbers of breeding lines.</p>

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<p>Project 1: A random sample of 384 F5 lines from the U of MN breeding program (192 from each of our 2012 and 2013 cohorts) will be utilized. We will evaluate the 384 lines as single rows with four replications of checks in two FHB misted/inoculated nurseries in 2014 and 2015. Genotyping ? By ? Sequencing (GBS) will be used to genotype the 384 F5 lines. The GS model will be applied to the F5 lines to assess its effectiveness in identifying the susceptible F5s.
<br>Project 2: 384 breeding lines, all will previous FHB data, from each of the NDSU and SDSU spring wheat breeding programs will be genotyped using GBS. The GS model developed in Objective 1 will be used to predict FHB reaction of these breeding lines.</p>

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