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Breeding Winter Wheat For Fhb Resistance In South Dakota


Rapidly develop and release new winter wheat varieties with enhanced FHB resistance and reduced DON content, and to develop those varieties such that they exhibit excellent agronomic performance in South Dakota.

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Perform crosses to pyramid Fhb-1 into South Dakota breeding materials along with native and new sources of resistance to FHB. 235 populations selected based on scab ratings also be evaluated in the field for agronomic characteristics. As lines with resistance are advanced through various yield trial nurseries, they will be evaluated in an inoculated mist-irrigated field nursery. To enrich early segregating population for resistance, F3:5 seeds will be passed through a fractionating aspirator and only the plump and heaviest seeds from populations with the lowest FDK will be maintained to plant the next generation.

Costa, J.
South Dakota State University
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