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Business display of food hygiene ratings in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland


<p>The main objectives of the research were:</p>
<p><ol><li>to find the proportion of food businesses with a FHRS rating / FHIS result and were displaying this at their premises</li>
<li>to find the display materials used and the characteristics of display</li>
<li>to find the extent to which display rates have changed</li>
<li>to consider the perceived impacts, if any, of displaying or not displaying the FHRS rating</li>
<li>to understand the drivers for those businesses displaying their FHRS rating to do so</li>
<li>to understand what would encourage businesses not currently displaying their rating to do so</li></ol></p>

<p>The research recorded the proportion of businesses displaying FHRS/FHIS stickers/certificates at their premises using ‘mystery shoppers’. A telephone survey was used to provide data to help understand more about the behaviours and attitudes of businesses. As previous surveys had been conducted, the survey also aimed to look at any differences in display rates and attitudes towards the scheme over time.</p>

<p>While the audit survey aimed to collect data on actual display rates, the main objectives of the telephone survey were to examine reasons for display/non-display and the impact of display/non-display on businesses.</p>

More information

<p>This report builds upon previous research conducted in 2011, 2012 and 2013. By comparing the results of these projects, the FSA can observe any changes in display over time. The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) was launched formally in November 2010. It is a local authority and FSA partnership initiative that provides consumers with information about hygiene standards in food premises at the time they are inspected to check compliance with legal requirements – the rating given reflects the inspection findings. The scheme enables consumers to make informed choices about where to eat out or shop for food and, through the power of these choices, encourages businesses to improve hygiene standards.</p>

<p>In January 2013, GfK NOP was commissioned by the FSA to repeat research with business premises in England, Northern Ireland that had been given a rating as part of the FHRS and those in Scotland who had been given an FHIS inspection result.</p>

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