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Campylobacter Genotypic Selection and Rearrangement in Broiler Chickens


<ol> <li>To determine the genotypic selection among Campylobacter genotypes in market-age broiler chickens,
<li>Identify conditions influencing Campylobacter genotypic selection in market-age broiler chickens during processing, and
<li>Determine frequency of Campylobacter genotypic recombination during multiple passages through broiler chicks.</ol>

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Flocks will be maintained until market-age in grower pens located at Prairie View A&M University. Day-of-hatch chicks will be inoculated with a cocktail containing a total of five genotypically diverse Campylobacter coli and C. jejuni primary poultry isolates. Carcass rinses, crop, and cecal sampling for Campylobacter will be carried out during grow-out and during processing of market-age birds. Carcass rinses of market-age birds will be obtained at preharvest, after scalding, de-feathering, de-cropping (pre-chill), and post-chill. Campylobacter genotypes from cultured samples will be examined by Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis for genotypic diversity and selection.

Hume, Michael
Prairie View A&M University
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