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Capacity for CARB WGS Surveillance at Cornell AHDC


Project Summary/AbstractThere is a growing need for monitoring antimicrobial resistance in animals in order to protect the safety ofpeople and animals. Capacity for accredited bacterial whole genome sequencing in veterinary diagnostic labssupports the mission of FDA to ensure the safety of our nation's food supply and protect public health byenabling real-time monitoring of isolates. In this proposal, we request funding to maintain capacity for ouraccredited bacterial sequencing services for FDA. The capacity to perform advanced molecularcharacterization of bacterial isolates in a reliable manner is critical to our ability to respond quickly to suspectedmicrobiological contamination and monitor antimicrobial resistance in animals and feed. Importantly, havingthis capacity in veterinary diagnostic laboratories fills a critical surveillance gap by monitoring live animals forantimicrobial resistance. In addition to serving as one of the sequence reference labs, the Goodman laboratoryat Cornell has provided analytic support to the program office and mentorship to the other laboratories byproviding validation, methods, and Quality Assurance documentation for these procedures in support ofISO:17025 accreditation. The proposed studies will have important impacts for both human and animal healthand will improve the capabilities of Vet-LIRN to perform effective surveillance for food-borne pathogens.

Goodman, Laura Brunengraber
Cornell University
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