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Characterisation of Salmonella Net Growth In Vivo and Serotype Host-Specificity


Bacterial net growth in vivo is essential for pathogenesis and is dependent on the rate of bacterial replication and bacterial resistance to killing by host defence mechanisms. Identifying the host specific nature of Salmonella net growth in vivo is the aim of this project. <P>
The net growth rates of S. dublin, S. choleraesuis and S. gallinarum will be compared in calves and pigs by measuring the segregation of a temperature sensitive plasmid. The virulence gene loci of spv and Salmonella pathogenicity island 2 (SPI-2) have both been implicated in influencing net growth in vivo. Measuring the net growth rates in vivo of these serotypes carrying heterologous SPI-2 and spv loci will assess the role of these loci in influencing host specificity.

Institute for Animal Health
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