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Characterization and Enhancement of Immune Responses in Calves


Develop the means to enhance the innate humoral and/or cellular immune responses of calves to bacterial and parasitic zoonotic pathogens; these pathogens particularly include Salmonella species, toxigenic E. coli, and others. Immune enhancements may be suitable for administration to either the prepartum dams or neonatal calves, depending on relative effectiveness and the economics of administration to achieve widespread use by the dairy and beef industries.

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Characterize age-related changes in compositional and functional aspects of the cellular immune system of neonatal calves under various management systems using flow cytometry to phenotype of leukocyte subsets in different tissues and several cellular/molecular assays for estimating the functional capacities of various leukocyte populations. Compare the composition and functional capacities of leukocyte populations from calves with those of healthy adult cattle. Evaluate effects of the plane of nutrition (I.e. dietary protein/energy) and oral/parenteral supplementation with fat soluble vitamins (I.e., vitamins A, D and E) on immune function/competency infected/vaccinated with microbial agents or their antigens. <p>
Previously was 3625-42000-009-00D (5/01).

Nonnecke, Brian
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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