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Characterization of Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria Associated with Livestock


The objectives of these studies will be to determine effects of various antibiotic and non-antibiotic regimens on: <ol> <li>Selection for antibiotic resistance in bacteria associated with livestock and surrounding environments.
<li>Shedding of foodborne pathogens.
<li>Health and performance of livestock. </ol>

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A series of trials will use pigs to test various feeding regimens and feed additives to determine effects on the number of antibiotic resistant foodborne pathogens occurring in those animals and their environment. Additional studies will detect the prevalence of antibiotic resistant bacteria associated with cattle and surrounding environments. These studies should help determine strategies to limit such foodborne risks.
For this proposed research, we plan to use a multi-pronged approach, combining: <ol> <li>Applied, on-farm trials to determine efficacy of non-antibiotic feed additives to provide optimal health and growth of swine,
<li>Environmental surveillance studies to determine prevalence, sources, and routes of transfer of resistant bacteria and resistance genes in livestock environments, and <li>Molecular-based studies to compare resistance genes of pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria associated with livestock, to address questions regarding the significance of normal, non-pathogenic gut flora in the persistence and potential transfer of resistance genes to foodborne pathogens. </ol>

Mathew, Alan
University of Tennessee
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