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Circumventing Ovicidal Deficiencies of Sulfuryl Fluoride and other Postharvest Fumigants


Objectives of the research are: 1) Establish species-specific efficacies for the Sulfuryl fluoride-propylene oxide mixture at molar ratios that are technically and economically the most feasible over temperature 40-80 F. 2) Quantify the antimicrobial activity of SF-PPO mixture toward pathogens, including salmonella. 3) Determine chemical residues associated with ovicide-SF pairings, particularly those resulting from the PPO-SF mixture. Tailor fumigant-ovicide application to minimize residue formation, as well as, adapt novel residue remediation technologies (e.g. ozone-ethane fumigation) to break PPO-related trade barriers for the walnut industry. 4) Develop novel chemical and physical approaches to kill insect eggs based on an understanding of egg biochemistry and/or the logistical operations of walnut harvest and distribution.

Walse S S
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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