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Clostridium Perfringens Type B in U.S Retail Foods


<p>Determine the distribution of the bacterim Clostriium perfringens Types B and D in retail meat and poutry. These types have been proposed as having a role in the etiology of multiple sclerosis. The presence of the enterotoxin gene in isolates will also be determined as will be spore heat resistance to evaluate the ability of the organism to survive heating procedures.</p>

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<p>Method to be used are those previousl published by us and others with particular reference to the laboratory procedures of the Food and Drug Administration. Modification of methods will be introduced as needed to account for the particular characteristics food products examined. These will be, in particular, meat and poultry. Procedures include the blending, isolation and toxigenic characterization of isolates. Of particular interest will be the levels of the target organism in foods examined and the percent of samples possessing the target organism as well as their levels expressed as per gram. The polymerase chain reaction will be used to assess the potential toxigenicity of isolates and toxin types, in particlual the epsilon toxin gene.</p>

Labbe, Ronald
University of Massachusetts
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