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Combination Mechanical Shear And Moderate Electric Field Treatment For Production Of Safe, Nutritionally Enhanced Liquid Foods And Beverages


To determine the effects of shear + Moderate Electric Field (MEF) on various pathogenic organisms in products (orange, kale and mango juices; liquid eggs, peach puree) as a function of test parameters; and educate industry and students about the possibilities of the technology.To determine the scalability of the process by implementing it on a pilot scale, and demonstrating its capability to industry and students.To characterize how investigated processing methods impact a) the food metabolome, and b) quality indicators in comparison to other processing methods, and use data collected in graduate course development.To determine the impact of one extreme process on retention of encapsulated bioactive compound in one juice matrix. Educate industry and students on the principles and results.

Sastry, S. K.
National Institute of Food and Agriculture
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