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Comparison of Immunosensor Systems to Detect Pathogenic Bacteria in Foods


Develop new methods for cost-effective, rapid testing for pathogens in food. Develop reagents, sample preparation techniques, and specific assay protocols which would be useful for routine surveillance of foods (especially meat and poultry) as well as for use as research tools to study bacteria in food matrices or or on food or equipment surfaces.

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The project will develop immunoassay and immunosensor technologies, which are based on antibodies as the sensing elements. New methods for sample preparation and analysis will help the food industry and regulatory agencies in the U.S. and Northern Ireland to perform routine surveillance of meat products and to monitor critical control points in food processing to minimize exposure of consumers to diseases caused by foodborne pathogens. Existing antibodies will be utilized and new antibodies developed, as needed. Several different assay formats will be compared for specificity, sensitivity, and robustness. Formats will include enzyme immunoassay, fluorescence immunoassays, and surface plasmon resonance analysis.
In addition, immunoaffinity methods will be developed for sample preparation. Characteristics of antibodies that are most suitable for each application will be defined.
Documents Reimbursable with FAS. Log 18885.

Brandon, David
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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