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Concentrated High Intensity Electric Field (CHIEF) Pasteurization of Milk


1. Optimize the current process and CHIEF pilot system and improve efficiency </P>
2. Study and confirm the effect of treatments on vegetative cells and spores of pathogenic bacteria and yeasts in milk. </P>
3. Generate experimental data that target FDA approval.

More information

This project was a continuation of the DMI-funded study on Non-thermal plasma technology of milk using plasma technology, which demonstrated that non-thermal concentrated high intensity electric field (CHIEF) process kills E.coli in fresh milk. The current study provides better understanding of CHIEF process with respect to its effects on a broad range of pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms, sensory quality, and shelf life stability. Results show that the CHIEF process has the potential to deliver similar microbial inactivation effectiveness as a standard HTST pasteurization system.

Ruan, Roger; Diez-Gonzalez, Francisco; Metzger, Lloyd
University of Minnesota
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