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Confocal Microscope for Institute for Animal Health


The remit of the IAH is to understand host-pathogen interactions at a molecular level. To do this we have to be able to localise host and pathogens proteins with precision, and confocal microscopy is the method of choice.<P>
This proposal justifies purchase of a confocal microscope to be sited in the recently established Bioimaging Unit at the Pirbright Laboratory. Experienced staff have been recruited to the unit which will underpin the science of the Institute on all three sites. The microscope will be used to study a broad range of pathogens of economic importance to UK and which pose a threat to the UK food chain. These range from the complex protozoan Eimeria through bacteria such as Salmonella and bovine tuberculosis to the simple picornavirus responsible for Foot and Mouse disease. In each case, virulence factors have been characterised at a molecular level. High resolution fluorescence imaging is now required to examine the orientation of host and pathogen proteins within cells and tissues, and to follow the trafficking of proteins in living cells using green fluorescent proteins (GFP) and photobleach recovery (FRAP) technology.

Institute for Animal Health
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