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Consumer Understanding of Labeling Term 'No Gluten-Containing Ingredients'


<p>This research was conducted in order to understand any assumptions made about the statement 'No gluten-containing ingredients', how helpful potential consumers would think it was for them and any need for additional information to support it. In addition, potential supporting explanatory statements were also explored to understand their impact and how necessary these were to support the statement.</p>

A qualitative approach was used on this project, with thirty-four respondents interviewed by telephone who either
<ol><li>had coeliac disease (gluten intolerance)</li>
<li>were a parent of a child who had coeliac disease (gluten intolerant) or</li>
<li>a parent where both the parent and their children had coeliac disease (gluten intolerance)</li></ol>

<p>The respondent sample was largely comprised of respondents who took part in an earlier FSA research project into new labelling terms for foods for people with gluten intolerance.1 In addition to interviews with consumers, six health professionals (HPs) were also interviewed in thirty minute telephone-depth interviews. This sample again was drawn from those individuals who had taken part in the previous research.</p>

<p>At the recruitment stage (that is on initial contact) all respondents were given the opportunity to provide their spontaneous reaction to the statement 'No gluten containing ingredients' and their initial response was noted. </p>

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