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Continuing the Development of the Integrated Food Safety System (IFSS) National Curriculum Standard (NCS) Curriculum Frameworks


RFA-FD-20-024 - Project SummaryIFPTI has been the lead architect of the National Curriculum Standard (NCS) for morethan ten years. In close collaboration with FDA's Office of Training Education andDevelopment (OTED), along with long-time collaborators including the Association ofFood and Drug Officials (AFDO), the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA),and the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL), IFPTI will continue to lead thedevelopment of the NCS through the continued buildout of the Integrated Food SafetySystem (IFSS) Curriculum Framework and its sub-frameworks (Manufactured, Retail, andAnimal Food); the development of new curriculum frameworks as directed by OTED, andthe development of an enhanced version of the Interactive National Curriculum Standardthat will allow for real-time updating of competencies and behavioral anchors developedduring IFPTI-facilitated Subject Matter Expert focus groups.As content and program areas within the curriculum frameworks are built out, IFPTI willincorporate the competencies and behavioral anchors into course blueprints and coursedesign documents, which will form the foundation for the development and delivery ofknowledge-based eLearning and performance-based learning experiences. The courseblueprints and design documents will adhere to OTED specifications, and eLearningcourses will be programmed using the Lectora content authoring tool.IFPTI will collaborate with APHL to develop and deliver a Leadership Program based onthe Leadership Level competencies in the IFSS and Laboratory Curriculum Frameworks.Additionally, IFPTI will continue to deliver its flagship program, the Fellowship in FoodProtection: Leadership Development for the Integrated Food Safety System. EightCohorts have successfully completed the Fellowship, with the majority of Fellowsadvancing their careers in food safety. IFPTI will also continue to deliver the InstructorSkills Training program, on a quarterly basis, to both FDA trainers and non-FDA trainerswho deliver FDA courses. The Instructor Skills Training will also include newly developedmodules devoted to virtual instruction and enhanced facilitation skills.IFPTI will continue to advance the NCS through a series of outreach and coordinationactivities, including attendance at stakeholder meetings and conferences, the submissionof papers and articles for publication, and the delivery of presentations on the NCS. IFPTIwill also collaborate with OTED on the standardization of an instructor managementprocess and the course design and delivery process. Additionally, IFPTI will facilitateregularly scheduled Tactical Meetings among Cooperative Agreement recipients in orderto leverage resources and avoid redundancy of effort.

Kaml, Craig
International Food Protection Training Institute
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