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Control colonization of pathogenic Salmonella in poultry by autolytic intracellular Salmonella vaccine


In this research project, we hypothesize that using a temperate phage conjugated non-pathogenic Salmonella vaccine strain will enhance the chicken immunity against colonization of Salmonella spp. by stimulation of intracellular lysis. The ultimate goal of this project is to produce a bio-preventive agent for controlling Salmonella shedding in poultry, prevent the cross-contamination of poultry products and control the foodborne salmonellosis in human. We aim to evaluate the role of autolytic ST+P13/19 vaccine strain in outcompeting pathogenic SE colonization and preventing cross-contamination of poultry products through immune responses in a chick model. To achieve our goals, we propose these specific aims: 1) Evaluate the protection ability of colonization of various pathogenic SE serovars Typhimurium and Enteritidis in Broiler chicks; and 2) Evaluate the host immunity and gut health during the intracellular lysis of Salmonella vaccine strain in the chicken intestinal epithelial cells.

Biswas, Debabrata
University of Iceland
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