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Control of Emerging and Re-Emerging Poultry Respiratory Diseases in the United States


primary goal of this research is to control the emerging and re-emerging poutlry respiratory disease int he United States. To achieve this goal we propose to investigate the follwing objectives:
<OL> <LI> Identify reservoirs of infectious respiratory disease agents in wild birds and poultry; <LI> Develop improved diagnostic capabilities including real time PCR as well as other rapid on-farm tests for economically important respiratory diseases; <LI> Investigate the pathogenesis and polymicrobial interactions of specific infectious agents associated with poultry respiratory diseases (this includes interactions with underlying immunosuppressive agents; <LI> Develop new prevention and control strategies for poultry respiratory diseases. </ol>The proposed study will generate comprehensive data that can be used to develop intervention strategy for poultry respiratory disease in the United States.

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NON-TECHNICAL SUMMARY: This project is designed to meet both current and yet unidentified problems that may emerge related to poultry respiratory diseases. The proposed study will generate comprehensive data that can be used to develop intervention strategy for poultry respiratory disease in the United States. <P>

APPROACH: <BR> Objective 1. We will conduct surveillance for influenza viruses in swine, starlings, live bird markets, and wild birds. We will screen and isolate influenza viruses from clinical and surveillance samples submitted to our department or the Ohio Department of Agriculture diagnostic laboratory; <P>Objective 2. We will develop a rapid and precise multiplex assay for the identification and subtyping of different HA subtypes of influenza viruses using a new microsphere-based assay in combination with branched DNA (bDNA) signal amplification technology. <P>Objective 3. We will conduct the pathobiological characterization of different H5 LPAI isolates of different wild bird origins in domestic bird species, including chickens, ducks and turkeys. We will also perform reverse genetics studies in an attempt to delineate the molecular determinants of inter-species transmissibility of H3N2 influenza viruses. In addition, we will examine 1) the persistence and distribution of infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) in turkeys, 2) the interactions of IBDV infection with respiratory pathogens, 3) sequences of IBDV viruses from different parts of the U.S., and 4) molecular epidemiology of IBDV isolates from broiler and layer chicken flocks ;<P> Objective 4. We will develop attenuated DIVA vaccines for avian influenza virus. We will characterize the immunogenicity, virus replication, and transmissibility of the selected vaccine strains in chickens and turkey.

Lee, Chang Won
Ohio State University
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