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Control of Salmonella during Poultry Production


Identify and quantify Salmonella through all phases of broiler production; identify cellular components that serve as intestinal colonization factors, assess stress factors and their effect on broiler colonization; develop appropriate interventions in response to these factors.

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Quantify salmonellae data from different poultry production sources to develop specific practicable intervention strategies for each control point and to provide data for risk assessment models. Identify and employ molecular methods to trace salmonella. Quantify effect that various stressors have on colonization. Determine cellular and biochemical components that contribute to salmonellae colonizing the avian gut. Design potential intervention strategies to disrupt the ecology and transmission of salmonella infections from previously infected commercial flocks, particularly the effect of Sachromyces boulardii.

Cox, Nelson; Stern, Norman; Craven, Stephen; Bailey, Joseph
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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