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Controlling Salmonellosis in Broiler Chickens Using a Multivalent Attenuated Vaccine that Also Controls Necrotic Enteritis


To assess the benefit of an attenuated Salmonella-based necrotic enteritis vaccine in reducing colonization and shedding of broiler chickens by different serovars of Salmonella.

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Expected Benefits:
The proposed work will benefit the Ontario Food Safety System by enhancing its ability to control necrotic enteritis in broiler chickens without using antimicrobial drugs, thus reducing production costs, and at the same time providing a simple method to reduce carcase or product contamination by Salmonella, thus enhancing the safety of chicken products. <P>

It would also be the "proof of concept" for potential application of this vaccine strain to control of other enteric bacterial infections of broiler chickens, such as Campylobacter, while simultaneously controlling salmonellosis. <P> For more information, please visit the <a href="; target="_blank">Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) Food Safety Research Program</a>.

Prescott, John
University of Guelph
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