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Cost-efficient and safe cellulosic food pad


Synthetic superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) are the mainstream option (i.e. 90% of market share) to be used as absorbent pads in a number of applications, from sanitary products (e.g. diapers, tampons) to food pads (e.g. meat/fish trays to soak up exuded liquids and keep the food fresh). This is mainly due to their superior price-efficiency balance. Nevertheless, proven toxicity and carcinogenic effects related with their use have raised growing health concerns. To put these dangerous practices aside the need of economical biodegradable and non-toxic pads to compete with the synthetic ones are on the rise.
Cellsorb introduces a totally safe (i.e. non-toxic) closed food pad made from bioplastics and superabsorbent micro-cellulose material with the following superior features: 1) Absorbs multiple times its own weight similar with the performance of synthetic food pads, 2) It is fully compostable and 100% renewable, and 3) Competitive pricing over synthetic made food pads. Its uniqueness lies on our innovative production method able to produce microcellulose materials from pulp, creating a non-toxic and biodegradable superabsorbent able to compete in cost-effectiveness with current synthetic ones.

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