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A critical literature review to assess the significance of intervention methods to reduce the microbiological load on beef through primary production


The main aim of this study is to perform a broad critical review of available literature on the scientific research in intervention measures for beef, to obtain quantitative information on the reduction of bacterial load in the minced beef production chain. The review covers a range of GHP-based and hazard-based interventions at the abattoir stage (from receive and unload of animals to chilled carcasses) and post-abattoir stage (further processing of raw beef and
packaging). It looks at the outcome of interventions on a range of bacterial indicators and foodborne pathogens. Relevant outcome measures for interventions where the effectiveness of each intervention in reducing log levels of indicator bacteria (aerobic colony counts (ACC), Enterobacteriaceae counts (EBC), total coliform counts and generic E. coli counts and log levels of foodborne pathogens (primarily E. coli O157 and other VTEC and Salmonella, but also other foodborne

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