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Data improvements for shellfish assessments - MF02269


The overall aim of the project is to improve the ability of Cefas to undertake stock assessments to inform fishery managers of the status of some of the most important fisheries. This project has four independent work packages focussing on different aspects of four of the most commercially important fisheries regarding crustaceans: crab & lobster and molluscs: scallop, cuttlefish and whelk. Within each work package, the tasks vary considerably depending upon the level of data already available; from improved understanding of stock boundaries and basic data (growth rates, maturity), up to preparing new assessment models to be internationally acknowledged. We will not undertake assessments themselves within this project but improve our understanding and, where possible, reduce uncertainty as it will be important for the acceptance of the assessment results as a sound scientific resource in the near future. A fifth work package will examine existing data sources to compile a baseline review of the state of knowledge for those species which may fall under subsequent FMPs

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