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Decontamination of food and food-processing surfaces from viral and bacterial pathogens by cold plasma technology


Objectives: In situ decontamination of foods and food-contact surfaces from viral and bacterial pathogens with cold gaseous plasma (CGP) generated by a unique two dimensional air-based micro-discharge plasma array (2D-AMPA) and to compare this novel plasma source with two previously described plasma sources and with a non-thermal non-plasma based antimicrobial method.Specific aims:Aim 1: To in situ optimize the virucidal and bactericidal activities of our unique 2D-APMA on foodborne pathogens e.g., hepatitis A virus (HAV), human Norovirus (NoV), Campylobacter jejuni, and Salmonella enterica serovar Heidelberg. Aim 2: To study the changes in nutritive value and quality attributes of CGP-treated foods to ensure that there is no negative effect on food palatability, organoleptic properties, and nutritive value.Aim 3: Compare the virucidal and bactericidal efficacy of our 2D-APMA setup with two other plasma sources that have been used previously and a well-established non-thermal non-plasma based method e.g., ultraviolet light.

Goyal, Sagar
University of Minnesota
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