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Determination of Phthalates in Foods and Establishing Methodology to Distinguish Their Source


<p>Analytical methodology was developed and validated for 17 phthalate diesters, 9 phthalate monoesters, phthalic acid and total phthalates in foods. The methods were used to analyse Total Diet Study samples in order to to allow estimation of dietary intakes. A total of 29 retail samples were analysed to try and distinguish between food contact and environmental sources of phthalates. These samples were chosen to include foods likely to contain phthalates originating from both sources. A total of 261 retail food samples were also analysed to establish the ranges of phthalates in food. </p>

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<p>Background: Phthalates are a group of compounds that are used as plasticisers and found in a wide range of consumer and household goods. Phthalates may be present in food due to migration from food contact materials, including processing equipment and packaging. However, they are also widespread and persistent in the environment and may therefore enter the food chain from environmental sources. </p>

FERA - Food and Environment Research Agency
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