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Develop And Deliver On-Farm Biological Soil Amendment Of Animal Origin Course Integrated With Hands-On Training


The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Produce Safety Rule (PSR) has recommended standards for the use of raw animal manure or compost in produce farms and has provided examples of valid composting methods to meet the standards. It is essential to have a curriculum on biological soil amendment in the understandable form and at least a basic level training on a regular basis at the grower level. The overall goal of this project is to reduce the food safety risk associated with the biological soil amendment in Louisiana. The LSU AgCenter has developed and validated several on-farm composting methods using turned pile and aeriated static pile system. To achieve our goal, we will use the results from our on-farm studies to develop and deliver hands-on training, tools, and resources for fresh produce growers that rely on biological soil amendments of animal origin. The specific objectives are: 1) Develop and deliver biological soil amendment of animal origin course integrated with hands-on training 2) Evaluate the impact of education and training programs. The project will include participation from LSU AgCenter, Southern Center, Louisiana department of agriculture and forestry, Louisiana Fruits and Vegetable Growers Association, composters, local food hubs, non-governmental organizations, other community-based organizations to carry out training programs consistent with FSMA Produce Safety Rule

Adhikari, Achyut
Louisiana State University
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