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Develop On-Line Verification and Intervention Procedures for HACCP in Slaughter/Processing Systems


<li>Develop sampling methodologies for different Critical Control Points (CCPs) that are usable in a HACCP verification program,</li>
<li>Implement existing or newly developed means to monitor those Critical Control Points (CCPs),</li>
<li>Determine the impact of HACCP monitoring on the microbial safety and profile of the resulting product (e.g., carcass, subprimal, ground beef).</li>

More information

<p>Sampling methods will be developed that can be used to monitor carcasses and cuts of meat. The methods will be practical, rapid, and more representative of microbial populations of carcasses and resulting cuts of meat than present methods. These methods will also be designed to be incorporable into a HACCP monitoring system. Bacteria from these types of samples will be concentrated by means including hydrophobic media and by antibody coated hydrocarbon beads. Image analysis and luminometry will be used to detect low numbers of pathogenic and indicator bacteria on a near real time basis. Antimicrobial interventions, including heat and organic acids, will be used to reduce pathogens and spoilage bacteria and determine the effects of these treatments on the microbial safety of the products after refrigerated storage. This knowledge will be integrated into forms useable by the meat industry as part of a HACCP. These objectives will be modified and/or changed to meet the industry and FSIS research priorities.</p>

Arthur, Terrance
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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