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Developing a Handbook of Produce Safety Standards for Buyers


We will achieve our goals by pursuing the following objectives:Articulate all relevant state and federal specific produce safety standards and cross-calibrate as needed - This objective captures the review and summarization of all relevant individual Northeast state and federal voluntary and regulatory produce safety information. Online Buyer Handbook is developed based on specific produce safety standards - We will develop and create an online buyer handbook that will allow users to elect attributes specific to their needs (ex. state where suppling producer is located) in order to generate information about all relevant produce safety standards that may apply. The information received through this resource will foster increased competence (having the knowledge) and confidence (having the ability to implement it) among buyers.Extend the project results through education and outreach - We will connect buyers to this resource through existing local buyer educational programming supported by partners within the NECAFS network. Additionally, we will establish new relationships with buyer networks (ex. Eastern Produce Council) to share information about this new buyer handbook resource.Evaluate and assess progress and impact - We will implement an overall evaluation plan in accordance with our Logic Model Plan, measuring the results, outcomes and impacts of this project's activities across our target audience.

Newbold, Elizabeth
University of Vermont
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