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Development and Use of Sensors in Validating Aseptic Processing of Multiphase Foods


The current research is aimed at developing and validating sensors that can be used to determine the location and internal temperature of particulates as they flow through the heating, holding, and cooling sections of an aseptic processing system. The sensor will be implanted inside a carrier particle and the location and temperature history will be obtained at the end of the process.

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Non-Technical Summary: Currently, there is no reliable technique to determine the internal temperature of particulates in a suspension during aseptic processing of a multiphase food product. The goal of this project is to develop and validate a sensor that can be used to determine the internal temperature and location of particulates during multiphase aseptic processing. <P> Approach: The project will involve several phases. The first phase involves fabrication of the sensor. We will then assemble a processing system, data acquisition system, and digital imaging system. The next phase involves testing of the sensor in a processing system to ensure that it accurately determines temperature and location of particles. Modifications or re-calibration will then be done to the sensor to ensure that the data obtained, conservatively predicts temperature and location.

Sandeep, K
North Carolina State University
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