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Development of Control Methods for Eutypa Dieback Disease


Isolate and identify bioactive metabolites of Eutypa Lata responsible for phytotoxicity. Establish a plant bioassay for determining toxicity of metabolites. Determine the biochemical mode of action through which metabolites induce dieback in plants. Bioassay metabolites for inhibition of aflatoxin production.

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Fractionate and isolate biologically active metabolites from filtrates of Eutypa Lata.Develop a bioassay for phytotoxicity in grape plantlets or excised leaves.Test individual metabolites for phytotoxicity and correlate bioactivity with structure and metabolites. Investigate effect of the most potent bioactive metabolites on specific cellular funtions known to be involved in leaf and shoot development. Documents Trust with American Vineyard Foundation Log 17599. Formerly 5325-42000-026-01T (3/01).

Molyneux, Russell
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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