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The Development of a Genotypic Selection Assay and Analysis of the Age-Specific Patterns of Mutant Accumulation


To develop a genotypic selection assay (GSA) allowing a direct measurement of mutant frequencies and molecular analysis of mutation in any non-polymorphic endogenous sequence and in any tissue; 2. To determine the spontaneous mutant frequencies (MFs) and age-associated accumulation rats (Ars) in highly (Exon 3) and poorly (Exon 4) mutable regions of Hprt coding sequence in the Hprt lymphocyte mutation assay; 4. To compare the in vivo persistence of elevated MFs in Hprt exons 3 and 4 induced after exposure to ENU.

Aidoo, Anane
DHHS/FDA - National Center for Toxicological Research
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