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Development Of Intervention Processes To Enhance The Microbiological Safety Of Heat Sensitive Foods


<OL> <LI> Develop a surface pasteurization processor suitable for field testing at poultry processing plants. <LI> Adapt surface pasteurization to other fresh,unprocessed solid foods such as fruits, vegetables, fish, and ready to eat meat products. <LI> Apply systems methodology to develop models and simulation for use on-line for process evaluation compatible with HACCP plans. <LI> Develop novel, milder pasteurization treatments for liquids such as liquid egg.

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Build a field self-contained surface pasteurizer to test on-site at poultry processing plants. The unit will be capable of processing broiler and Cornish hen carcasses immediately removed from poultry plants. Optimize the process, determine the effectiveness of pasteurization, elucidate and model the pasteurization mechanism. Determine the effects on shelf life and consumer important qualities. Adapt the existing unit to treat other foods such as fish, broccoli, cauliflower, melons, squash, citrus, root crops, imported fruits and vegetables. Develop a modified surface processor for ready-to-eat meat products such as hot dogs. Using the uniquely modified RF heater, confirm or refute the existence of electromagnetic non-thermal effects on bacteria. Determine minimum requirements to pasteurize liquid egg using the instant heating by RF to virtually eliminate temperature gradients and come-up heating time. Explore other novel technologies suitable for gentle pasteurization of liquid egg and egg products.

McAloon, Andrew; Geveke, David; Craig, Joyce; Kozempel, Michael
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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