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The Development of a Risk Communication Model Based upon Best Practices in the Home to Facilitate Adoption of Best Practice in Disseminating Information with a Food Risk Component


Dramatic changes in food consumption behaviour have been recognised following the ‘release’ of information over BSE, genetically modified foods, food contaminants and emerging food poisoning organisms. Communication of food safety information by mass media has served to fuel consumer concerns by promotion of associated negative aspects. Lack of consumer confidence in the credibility of government and industry sources has been developing since the communication of contradictory messages over such issues as Salmonella spp. in eggs and, in particular, BSE in cattle.
A model describing how consumers process food risk communications with their translation into behaviour would assist stakeholders such as educators, policy makers and industry representatives to engage in Risk Communication that will eliminate or minimise negative impacts of such messages.
The aim of this project is therefore to develop a Risk Communication model based upon food safety behaviour to facilitate best practice in disseminating messages with a food risk component.

Queen's University - Belfast
University College Cork
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