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Development of A Serotype-independent Vaccine Based On Salmonella T3sa Proteins


The primary goal of this project is to demonstrate thatour T3SAsubunit vaccine results in non-shedding of Salmonella challenged animals (based on a previously established and recognized challenge model) with no lymph node carriage. Success of the homologous vaccine will then trigger a heterologous challenge of the animal model (and target species). A viable product that meets producers' needs to help control and eliminate Salmonella infections with a cost-effective, broadly protective vaccine will improve beef production and lessen the risk of contamination for both pet products and human foodproducts.Objectives:1) Complete protein purification of S1F and S2F and vaccine preparation by April 1 2016.2) Obtain and acclimatize certified, Salmonella-free Holstein calves at the Veterinary and Biomedical Research Center (VBRC), Manhattan, KS by April 30, 2016.3) Follow vaccination schedule, sample collection, challenge, and results collectionas per protocol and within budget and collate
results for analysis by July 31, 2016.4) Preparestudy report, recommendations for further studies and full submission of final REEportbyDec 31, 2016.

Hawley, S. B.
Vaccines Integrated Animal Research LLC
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