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Development of Technology for Surface Sensing of Food Pathogens


NSC and ISL will work together to define and execute specific research and development of sensing technologies for detection of bacterial and bioagent contamination on food surfaces. This venture will focus on technologies, concepts, and products related to NSC's mission and fields of expertise, NSC's partners, and ISL research programs. <P>Specifically, NSC and ISL will build, test, and refine portable fluorescence imaging technologies, based on the multispectral laser-induced fluorescence imaging and multispectral imaging systems developed by ISL. The goal is to make the imaging devices portable and commercially available for in situ detection of contaminated foods.

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Approach: Evaluate fluorescence data and determine fluorescent label/tag that works best with fluorescence imaging technology for scanning the surfaces of foods for the presence of pathogens. Conduct studies for inducing and detecting a fluorescence signal of the chosen fluorescent dye from the surface of the labeled food item. Conduct studies to increase the sensitivity of the imaging technology. Provide feedback to each other for research leading to assay modifications and optimization studies. Develop a portable fluorescence imaging system/device that can be used for in situ inspection of foods.

Kim, Moon
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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