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Development of temperature sensitive labels for products in cold supply chain


Subject of the T-Sense project, the irreversible temperature indicator for detection of temperature volatility outside tolerance use irreversible temperature-sensitive printing ink, which changes colour permanently when heated over TA. Ink is developed solely by MyCol, as it is currently unavailable on the market. Irreversible printing inks, are applied as certain design of print on a suitable substrate (paper, foil, packaging). The speed of the used screen-printing is as high as 100 m/min, which enable mass production and a low price per piece. Thus, temperature indicators are feasible for each individual product / package in the cold supply chain with almost negligible investment for a customer. Also subject of the feasibility study, the time temperature indicator (TTI) is the active material used in Cold chain is temperature-controlled supply chain for products, such as fresh and frozen food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.
Why is T-Sense important? Because each producer that enters cold chain should count at least 10% of the turnover as a waste due to lack of control in the chain! Here we are dividing the responsibility among all actors across the supply chain and empower producers to increase the level of control in production. This problem is our business opportunity. University of Ljubljana recognized the innovation potential by awarding the Innovation of the Year to the authors, who are also MyCol founders. We (4 female scientists-entrepreneurs) have started MyCol company as a spin-off from National Institute of Chemistry, second-ranking scientific institution in Slovenia. We produce innovative labels, new at the global level, applicable to any reasonably smooth surface, low-cost, needing no energy supply, which show temperature changes in the cold chain with the naked eye (or by video camera). Launching this product portfolio on the market, we strongly believe it can benefit to individual links in the cold supply chain, mostly on producer side.

MYSTERIA COLORUM - MyCol, proizvodnja, trgovina in storitve, d.o.o.
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