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Development of Training Modules in Nuclear Emergency Response Roles


Training of staff to respond to radiological incidents and nuclear emergencies is required to ensure that the Agency can respond effectively. To enhance the in-house training programme a series of paper based training modules will be produced which will allow the Agency:
<ul> <li>
To provide a structured training course for new team members
<li>To increase the speed of training
<li>To consolidate the training of existing team members
<li>To reduce the resources required from existing staff in giving training
<li>To use its resources more effectively</ul>

More information

The project will lead to the development of 6 training modules covering the following topics:
Overview of Technical and Policy issues
<li> Assessment
<li>spheric Dispersion Modelling
<li>ping a Sampling Strategy
<li>of a Geographical Information System
<li>Recovery Issues</ul><p>
Each module will be based on current published guidelines for multi-agency response to a nuclear emergency and reflect current practices and legislation.
The final deliverable will be in the form of six ready to use paper based workbooks.
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