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Development of Unified Data Models and Data Pre-processing Strategies for the Generation of Meaningful, Standardised Statistical Analyses of Metabolome Variability in Crop Plants


This project has five major interacting objectives: <ul>

<li>Collation of metabolite profiling/fingerprinting data from the selected G02 projects based on potato, tomato, external sources and the modification of ArMet (an internet accessible metobolomics database) to accommodate new data structures
<li>Development of unified data models for G02 metabolomics data and external data
<li>Development of common SOPs for data table pre-processing to allow comparison and validation of metabolite profiles and fingerprints generated in different laboratories
<li>Use of standardised statistical and machine learning methods for comparing metabolite composition and generation of a baseline description of metabolite composition in crop species
<li>The production of a network-accessible database based on the G02 ArMet structure with a flexible interface for technical users to allow access to both metabolomics analytical data and metadata related to quality assurance.

More information

A pilot study in G02006 showed that differences in data structure confounded statistical analyses aimed at producing a common understanding of metabolite baseline.

<p>The G02 programme involved 12 collaborating sites in six projects and produced metabolomics data for potato, wheat, barley, Arabidopsis and tomato.

<p>In the emerging field of metabolomics, no widely applied standards for experimental procedure are available and a range of analytical equipment has been used. Consequently, the large amount of data collected is not necessarily comparable.

<p>No prior arrangements were defined to ensure or enhance comparability of data from different projects.

<p>This project aims to turn these disparate data, developed on different instruments using a range of standard operating procedures (SOPs), into a resource that will provide a meaningful and durable description of food raw material composition for any future safety or quality assessments.

<p>This study will concentrate firstly on developing a standardised data format for each analysis method.

<p>It will then be possible to convert existing data into data tables that can be compared meaningfully in order to develop an understanding of the baseline metabolite content and variability in traditional crop varieties and cultivars.

<p>This resource will aid further safety assessment of any proposed GM releases.

<p>Additionally, it will provide a starting point for any assessment of quality, provenance, agronomic regime or post-harvest treatment associated with a food raw material.

<p>This project is a joint project between the University of Aberystwyth and Scottish Crop Research Institute.

<p>Find more about this project and other FSA food safety-related projects at the <a href="; target="_blank">Food Standards Agency Research webpage</a>.

University of Wales - Aberystwyth
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