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Dioxins and Other Environmental Contaminants in Food


To reduce exposures to dioxin-like compounds from the food supply. Objectives for this research project are the development of a rapid screening assay to monitor dioxins and related compounds in food, investigated non-conventional sources of animal exposure, identify and study secondary or unrecognized dioxin sources, study dioxin remediation procedures for contaminated animals and their environments, and determine levels of dioxins and related compounds in U.S. food.

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Immunoaffinity columns will be developed and evaluated as an inexpensive screening method for large numbers of samples for dioxin and related compounds.Metabolic studies will be conducted in food producing and laboratory animals to determine whether nontoxic precursors can be converted to toxic or endocrine effecting compounds. Measures required to limit exposure to pentachlorophenol-treated wood will be evaluated. This work will minimize exposure of these chemicals by the consumer through meat and dairy products.

Larsen, Gerald; Hakk, Heldur; Shappell, Nancy; Shelver, Weilin; Smith, David; Huwe, Janice
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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