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Doctoral Dissertation Research: Governing Foodborne Disease In A Changing World


<p>Foodborne disease outbreaks and associated product recalls have become major sociopolitical problems in recent years. Governance of this problem requires coordination amongst a heterogeneous, extensive, and distributed set of institutional actors who utilize a variety of technical means and tools to try to keep pathogens out of food. This dissertation details how foodborne disease is governed in the contemporary United States. Using qualitative STS methods, including organizational ethnography, in-depth interviewing, and document analysis, this study focuses on the challenges institutional actors grapple with in detecting and managing risk, and standardizing methods. The topic of foodborne pathogen outbreaks is an important policy problem of public concern that touches on one of our nation?s largest economic sectors, the food system. Results of the research will be communicated with federal and state public health and regulatory officials to promote better understanding and improved communication between institutional actors. In addition to academic audiences, some publications resulting from the research will be aimed at policy-makers and consumers given the wide public concern about food safety.</p>

Hilgartner, Stephen; Boyce, Angie
Cornell University
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