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Dose/Duration Response of Bacteriocin Treatment of Broilers


The objective of this cooperative research project is to determine the bacteriocin dose-response and duration of acteriocin administration-response in treating mature broilers to reduce Campylobacter and Salmonella colonization in the bird intestines. Amendment to continue to explore new alternatives to control disease.

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Approach: We anticipate that one bacteriocin (S760) produced by the SRCAM under an existing SCA, will be provided to the PMSRU. Other bacteriocins produced by Cargill will be provided to PMSRU and additional resources provided. Fifty gram samples of purified bacteriocin (S760), in a shelf-stable form will be used to treat chickens and evaluate their anti-Campylobacter and anti-Salmonella activity using floor pen experiments, in triplicate, with 60 broilers each treated with 4 concentrations of bacteriocin (in 5 pens) after Campylobacter and Salmonella colonization. This protocol will be used for each subsequent bacteriocins samples provided by Cargill (and/or SRCAM). At selected times the colonization of Campylobacter or salmonella in chicken ceca will be determined through bacteriological procedures.

Stern, Norman
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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