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RFP Title: FDA Drug Residue Prevention Program RFP Number: RFA-FD-18-006 Indiana State Board of Animal Health Discovery Hall, Suite 100 1202 E. 38th Street Indianapolis, IN 46205317-544-2400 May 11, 2018 Project Summary / AbstractThe Indiana State Board of Animal Health (BOAH) operates animal health programs, the statemeat and poultry inspection program and the state dairy inspection program. In the course ofconducting these programs, BOAH interacts with food processors, farmers and livestock marketson a daily basis across the state.BOAH proposes to integrate an enhanced drug residue prevention effort into agency animalprograms with a goal of reducing illegal drug residues in tissues and milk from Indiana livestockassociated with human food. BOAH will focus on the following objectives:1. Developing materials and conducting educational and outreach activities that will furtherenhance knowledge of proper drug use and management of treated animals in the Indianalivestock industry.2. Conduct non-regulatory assessments of current violative drug residue incidents that areprovided by FDA.3. Conduct non-regulatory best practice visits with livestock industry participants associated withveterinary drug use in food producing animals or holding treated food producing animals.1

Poehlein, Ben
Indiana State Board of Animal Health
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