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EAGLES-FOOD - European Action on Global Life Sciences - Food Forum


The EAGLES Food Forum is a multilateral review, strategy and communications programme which will strengthen the European responses to the global challenges posed by food security, quality, safety and agriculture, including environmental conservation, in the developing world. The programme has been designed and will be implemented by a group of leading EU and DEC life scientists, regulatory and communication specialists, and ethicists in the agriculture and food area. <P> The aims are
<OL> <LI> To review and define strategies of food, agriculture and biotechnology research, in Europe and with a world-wide perspective, in view of tackling global challenges and meeting the needs of developing countries and
<LI> To encourage open and balanced dialogue with the European public, media and opinion formers about the needs and competencies of the DEC in this specific sector.

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The Project has five main components: <OL> <LI>
The EAGLES Management and Communication Office supervised by the EAGLES Steering Committee will coordinate the programme, in particular stimulating the flow of information - including via the creation of a dedicated web-site - about the effect of European and worldwide food, agriculture and biotechnology programmes and policies in/for the developing world;
<LI> The EAGLES Steering Committee will supervise the project on a practical basis for the duration of the project, and give input and advice to the project activities.
<LI> EAGLES Food Reports will assess the scale and effectiveness of relevant European and international policies and programmes;
<LI> EAGLES Food Forum Consultative Meeting and Symposium will discuss these policies and programmes and propose recommendations, amendments and additions;
<LI> EAGLES Food Workshops will review and define strategies on selected topics for subsequent development and implementation, specifically examples will be: ICT & food security challenges posed by the industrialisation of livestock production, and IPR and related DEC issues.</ol>

For more information about this project, please visit the <a href="…; target="_blank">European Commission Food Quality and Safety in Europe</a> Web site.

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European Federation of Biotechnology
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